Die Miskruier – joined – Nutech Computers

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We are happy and proud to announce

As a Community Directory – Giving back and share is our main goal

Nutech Computers joined forces with Die Miskruier in a project Called

Share, Even if it is just a smile

We are going to share knowledge in the IT industry – Create a Database of Q & A

1.Ad sense - Google Ads - Tips and Support
2.Crypto Currencies - Tips and Support
3.CCTV - Tips and Support
4.Computer Hardware - Tips and Support
5.Daily Advice - Tips and Support
6.Excel - Tips and Support
7.Network - Tips and Support
8.Website Designing - Tips and Support
9.Advise for beginners in IT Field

Offer Online Store
Buy - Provision ISR - CCTV Products
Buy - Software      - Microsoft / Antivirus
Buy - Computers     - Core I3 - I5 - I7 - Hardware etc...
Buy - Networking    - Cat5 / 6 Wire - RJ45 - Boots - Switches etc...

And much More
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